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Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of KTDGA is an investment in the future of Kenyan’s tourism industry. In addition to representing the enjoying the benefit of having a collective voice of all guides in Kenya, KTDGA members will be entitled to receive additional benefits and services. The listing below gives some of the benefits and services to its members that KTDGA hopes to develop over the period of this Strategic Plan.

Membership Benefits and Services

  1. Entitlement to participate in all KTDGA activities
  2. Automatic invitation to KTDGA’S Annual General Meeting, and any other KTDGA organized meetings or conventions
  3. Right to vote at the Annual General Meeting, and other important meetings
  4. Access to a representative body able to raise concerns at the national and international levels
  5. Preferential access to all KTDGA facilitates or organized training courses, workshops and lectures (e.g. early notification and discounted prices)
  6. Promotion and marketing of members as per their classification and specialization (e.g. to tour operators and tour companies, or via KTDGA’S web site).
  7. Members can avail information from the Association on anything related to their profession
  8. Members can put forward any genuine and appropriate concerns or problems to the Association for resolution
  9. Access to KTDGA’S online discussion forum for tourist guides and industry partners to discuss online
  10. Access to KTDGA’S national network of guides and other tourism related contacts
  11. And more…


We are an examining body whose aim is to improve the quality of Driver Guides for the Kenya tourist industry. Tourists expect and are entitled to be accompanied by qualified guides during their visits to Kenya. We are committed to ensuring that this is the case.

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