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About Us

KTDGA presents a Strategic Plan for the three year period April 2015 to April 2018. The Plan is structured into four sections:

  1. KTDGA’s Mission, presenting KTDGA’s common purpose and reason for existence.
  2. Our Vision, describing what KTDGA aspires to become and achieve.
  3. Our Strategic Action Plan, detailing KTDGA’s priorities and objectives for the period ahead, including our plans to:
    1. Develop benefits and services for our members; and
    2. Achieve longer-term financial sustainability.
  4. Organizational Overview, outlining KTDGA’s  structure and working groups, and including:
    1. Job descriptions for the Chairman, General Secretary and other key positions.


As KTDGA, our mission is to represent, inform, educate, protect, and promote, all tour guides in Kenya. KTDGA achieve our mission by uniting guides into one representative body able to:

  1. Represent the common voice of all guides in Kenyan at the national and international level.
  2. Protect the shared interests of all guide and the image of Kenyan guides.
  3. Promote
    a.  The highest degree of professionalism amongst all guides, by:
    • i.   Developing and implementing a universal code of ethics and skills;
    • ii.  Upgrading and promoting guide quality; and
    • iii. Combating untrained and unqualified guides.
    b.  Pride and respect amongst guides for Kenya’s diverse and unique cultural, historical and natural heritage.
    c.  The guiding profession as an important and worthy profession in the tourism sector industry and as a permanent and attractive career for the Kenyan youth.
    d.  A sense of fellowship and friendship amongst guides.
  4. Educate tour guides with respect to their knowledge of Kenya’s history, culture and other aspects of the country provide a platform for tour guides to enhance their leadership and guiding skills.
  5. Inform
    a. Tourguidesby providing them with relevant information on the policies of the Government such as vision2030 and the role of the sector in it, the Tourism Act, the NTSA act and related policy document and how all this can be of benefit to them.
    b. The general public, tourists and other stakeholders of the importance and value of professionally qualifies, registered and accredited tour guides to the country.


KTDGA envisions itself to become the single collective voice of all the tour guides in Kenya and as a result be recognized as a key player in enhancing the professionalism of the country’s tourism sector.

Single Collective Voice of Guides

  1. KTDGA shall work to establish ourselves as the foremost legal body in Kenyan to represent, protect, promote, inform and educate professional guides in the country.
  2. KTDGA will be an open, transparent and inclusive association, with membership open to all reputable guides who commit to adhere to KTDGA’s Code of Conduct.

Key Player in Enhancing the Professionalism of Kenya’s Tourism sector

  1. KTDGA shall develop its capacity so that it become a key player with respect to efforts to further professionalize and enhance the quality of guides in Kenya.
  2. KTDGA shall work particularly closely with our members, with the objective of helping them obtain the highest level of skills and experience possible so that together they represent a resource of national importance with respect to Kenya’s competitiveness as a tourist destination.


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We are an examining body whose aim is to improve the quality of Driver Guides for the Kenya tourist industry. Tourists expect and are entitled to be accompanied by qualified guides during their visits to Kenya. We are committed to ensuring that this is the case.

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